“I Am Woman”

A journey of women throughout history told through story, song, and dance. To empower the women in present day with the true stories of women through time and from every part of the world to learn from.

“I Am Woman” Synopsis in 45 seconds

“I Am Woman” the song

The Theme Song for the musical, “I Am Woman” written and performed by Tiana Star

The Movement

A MOVEMENT to help bring equality, respect and shine the light on the power of WOMEN in all shapes, sizes, colors and moments in time. The goal is to draw in other collaborators who feel as strongly about this. To lay egos at the door and come together to create a LEGACY movement to extend not only through all forms of media (music, movies, tv, books) but also into the hearts of all those who are touched by it. To also have the proceeds go to educated women and children. To use this message to inspire and truly CHANGE the world together

The Concept

The concept of the I AM WOMAN song, music, and media is not only to feature famous women in history from around the world. It is also to relate every woman to each one of us. All our stories matter. All our lives matter. From the housewife, to the child, to the authors, business women, to the slaves, to the workers on every level. No matter the time we lived in, or the jobs we performed, we are something greater than anything we do. We are women. We are human. We matter. Our stories matter. Today. Yesterday. And the Future.

About the creator, Tiana Star aka “General T”

Tiana Star aka “General T” is a Berklee College of Music Graduate and professional Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Composer-Published Singer/Songwriter¬†-Over 40 songs placed in TV/Film-Toured Internationally-Featured at Sundance Film Festival on TV, Radio and Movies.¬†

She started playing flute at 11 years old and was on path for Julliard…and then ended up with her family in Nashville at 15 years old and switching to songwriting, guitar, piano and singing as her passion became to communicate using music to change the world for the better.

“I Am Woman” Musical Behind the scenes writing and recording in NY, Nashville and Los Angeles

More Songs that will be in the musical….

Contact Tiana- Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved in the “I Am Woman” Musical and Movement- fill out the form below or you can also email tianastarmusic@gmail.com. We are currently seeking investors and those in the industry who believe in this movement and would like to be involved in some way.

“It’s never too late to do the the thing you dream.”